Is there value in your pricing? Pricing primers that can help.

We’ve talked a lot about pricing this month: that clients believe what we believe about our pricing … that our competitive advantage has to either be low or high pricing … and that we need to make a profit on every engagement.

I thought I’d wrap up the month with a short post, given that it’s a holiday, about learning how to price. No, I’m not going to teach you this subject in this post. But I’ve got something that can direct you to where you can learn more.

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Hope y’all are enjoying a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend with family and friends!

Two weeks ago I was doing my regular report writing webinar series for NACVA. A question came up about value pricing. In the course of the discussion, a comment came in from an attendee. Something to the effect of: “Value pricing is really just about charging a fixed fee, right?”

In some cases, it can be.

But it is sooo much more than that.

If you want to learn more about pricing your services, in general, and about valuing pricing in particular, here are two programs that will definitely give you a leg up.

Each email that describes the program is about a 5-minute read.

Command the Prices You Deserve

Prepared by Steve Major (an Aussie), this free 7-lesson email course is designed to help professionals like us achieve better pricing results. The once-per-week lessons are:

  1. Why you need to stop selling time and start communicating value
  2. What customers really buy
  3. The real reason you can’t get the price you deserve
  4. How to understand specifically the real value of your services
  5. How to price the customer
  6. How to tie it all together and connect with the customer
  7. Command the prices you deserve and have customers wanting to pay

The Art of Value Pricing Course

Created by Kirk Bowman (@ArtOfValue), the specific purpose of this course is to help attendees discover value from the customer perspective, create options to offer the customer choices, and choose a price that creates an attractive ROI.

This program is getting ready to run. The 6 twice-weekly, 90-minute live sessions are:

  1. The Value Mindset – June 6
  2. The Value Conversation – June 9
  3. Creating Options – June 13
  4. Crafting and Pricing the Proposal – June 16
  5. Presenting the Proposal – June 20
  6. Managing Expectations – June 23

Your investment in the program is $1,000, which you should be able to earn back on your next engagement.

BUT … if you use the code “Burkert” when you check out, you will get $100 off … a pretty good deal.

So what

Even if you don’t want to implement value pricing in your practice, these two programs will likely teach you more than you already know about pricing your services.

Other resources

I’m throwing Ron Baker’s Implementing Value Pricing back out here in case you missed it from a couple of weeks back.

You can also join Verasage & Friends. This is a closed Facebook group run by Ron Baker and a few of his value pricing evangelists.

And read Stop Billing and Ducking by Michele Golden to understand why value pricing is not really just about charging a fixed fee.





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