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Are you a next-gen BVFLS professional ready to build/grow your book of business?

Get the PLAYBOOK that will save you time, money, and mistakes in the process.

Hey, it’s Rod!

I’m working on a new Deliver|Market|Sell course.

It will be both broad and deep where needed, so you can confidently launch your firm, and cover the practice building essentials, including:

   What practice building actually is and what it’s not,

   What the best Deliver|Market|Sell tactics and systems are today, and

   How to choose the right ones for you.



I am reaching out to the “next gen” BVers … you 30 under 30s and 40 under 40s out there.

You might just be starting (or thinking of starting) your own BV practice and not sure how to build it without the grind the hustle culture would have you believe is necessary.

Or you might already have a (mostly) successful firm and aren’t sure how to grow it to the next level.

Or you might have a secure position in a solid firm, but you see the way to advance is by doing good work and bringing in new work.

My goal with this course is to help you methodically build/grow a practice (or your book of business)  that provides the outcomes you are seeking in, with, or through your firm: more time … more money … more freedom.

Does that sound like something worth pursuing to you?



I am assembling my best “next gen” resources for the emerging practice landscape you’ll be working in.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get:

   A practice self-assessment tool

  A compilation of 60 solo practitioner interviews

   The File Autopsy ToolkitTM

   Vet Your ProspectsTM guide

   Your Niche Finder NavigatorTM

   A 12-month marketing plan

   Practice management how-to videos

   A private community to support your learning

   Some awesome bonuses

   And more!

Your materials will be a step-by-step playbook to help you systematize the way you convey results (Deliver), create awareness about who you are and what you do (Market), and convert prospects into clients (Sell).

All for the cost – I’m thinking – of one billable hour.



You can’t – yet.

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