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Get the Insights You Need to Transform Your Practice

Know exactly how you stack up against your peers

🔒 Your data is 100% secure & confidential

I have two questions for you: 

1/ How well is your practice performing?

2/ Better still, how well is it performing relative to your peers?

You don’t know because the data isn’t available … except that now it is!

📸 Enter Practice Builder SNAPSHOTTM !

At its heart, SNAPSHOT is a data visualization tool.

With the data being six KPIs that answer those two questions above.

And the visualization being a 1-page dashboard that compares your KPIs to your peers, like this:

But this isn’t just about the numbers.

It’s about leveling up to the practice you want.

With less effort than you are already investing in the practice you have.

By using the numbers to know where to make changes so your practice best serves you.

Five Revenue Brackets:

Your results are benchmarked against all the other firms that enter their data.

And “Average Firm Your Size” is based on the five revenue brackets below.

So you’ll see how you stack up against firms that are similar to yours.

What do I need?

Enter these six data points for your firm:

1. $ Amount of revenue

2. $ Net profit before partner/owner compensation

3. $ Compensation per partner/owner

4. # F-time equivalent employees

5. $ Spent on marketing activities

6. # BVFLS projects completed

1/ $ Amount of revenue

2/ $ Net profit before partner/owner compensation

3/ $ Compensation per partner/owner

4/ # Full-time equivalent employees

5/ $ Spent on marketing activities

6/ # BVFLS projects completed

Easy, peasy.

BTW, there is a secure login, so your firm's data is PROTECTED AND CONFIDENTIAL.

Not even I can see it or get access to it.

Why should I care?

They say comparison is the thief of joy.

I believe that’s true if you compare to bemoan.

But if you compare to improve, that’s a different story. 

And by comparing your performance to others – with the intention to improve – you can evaluate the effectiveness of your practice’s strategies and tactics … and celebrate … or make adjustments.

testmonial for snapshot

How long will this take?

Less than the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Seriously, about 5-8 minutes to create an account, enter your data, AND get your results.

Practice Builder SNAPSHOTTM is a great resource …

For your practice and our profession.

I hope you get some incredible insights from your SNAPSHOT.

And email me if you want help translating those insights into actions.

PS – If you’re like me, you might want some directions.

Here you go:

1. Register to create your account here

2. You will receive an email to activate your account (security precaution)

    Click “Activate Your Account”

    Receive Welcome email

3. Login with your newly created UN and PW

4. On your Dashboard, click “Add New Data”

5. Enter your firm’s six data points

    Note that you can enter data for calendar years 2021 and 2022

6. Click “Save and Get Results”

7. Download or print your 1-page pdf

Aw, shucks. 

Looks like you’re leaving without SnapShooting!

What are you thinking?