rod burkert


If I could wave a magic wand and solve THE most vexing problem you have in your practice right now, what would that be?

Does this sound familiar?

— You start every year with solid referral sources, but a $0 book of business.

— You’re on a treadmill … get the work, do the work, charge lower fees.

— You’re getting better at a skill that is being valued less and commoditized more.

— You’re not sure what the next “right” thing is that will land better clients.

— You’re not even sure you want to do this work any more.

What do you want more of? How about:

— Focused marketing and messaging that conveys who you are and what you do to more relevant leads and prospects.

— Proven platforms and systems that improve the rate, speed, and quality of converting your prospects into clients.

— A scalable business model that generates monthly recurring revenue in addition to your 1:1 client-work fees.

What do you want less of? How about:

— Less of any of the things in your practice that are stopping you from getting more time, money, and freedom from your practice!

What is stopping you from getting there? How about:

— As a likely left-brained CPA you are a conservative, linear thinker who likes to follow rules and avoid standing out in the crowd.

— The BVFLS profession is mired in age-old dogma (much of it imported from the CPA world) and suffers from a broken business model.

I get it. And once you get it, you can no longer blame the clients, the work, or the profession for what you’re lacking.

If you feel like working in your practice is the only thing you do, and you’ve had enough …
If you feel like you were meant for better things, and you’ve had more than enough …
Then it’s time to take action.


Founded by Rod Burkert in 2016, rbCOACHING is run by a BVFLS practitioner for BVFLS practitioners to help them get more time, money, and freedom into their professional and personal lives.

Rod knows the challenges that his coaching clients face because he has been performing business valuations and related dispute work since the mid-1990s. And he has been running his solo practice since July 2000. So he gets it.

Led by Rod, rbCOACHING uses a combination of Content, Coaching, and Community to help BVFLS professionals focus on the strategies, tactics, tools, and tech needed to build/grow/scale their practices.

If you know what your successful practice looks like to you – The Practice You Want – but need help getting there, his coaching is designed specifically for you.