rod burkert

It takes caring and daring to
Turn The Practice You Have
Into The Practice You Want!™


Yes, because we usually care more – much more – about our clients’ results than our own.


Well, let’s be honest, we all have a natural tendency to want to fit in rather than stand out.

Why I speak.

Because BVFLS practitioners need (and want) to be shown alternatives and options.

The theme I champion is building/growing/scaling a practice.

That’s because we have a large body of BVFLS knowledge that teaches us how to do the work, but few resources that teach us how to get and profitably complete the work.

I’m not big on preaching theory, but rather explaining how theory gets put into practice. I do that by imparting not only what I know and see, but what I actually do and have done since starting my practice in July 2000.

My audience usually comes curious, intrigued by my topics.

They leave thinking differently about what is possible for their practices. That’s because my materials are filled with anecdotes, examples, and tools so they can understand the “why,” “what,” and “how” and “see” the next steps to take.

In short, I don’t give my audience content … I give them a path.

Titles of my recent presentations have included:

Using Social Media to Grow Your BVFLS Practice

Building a Practice in Today’s Digitally Connected Economy

How to Turn the Practice You Have Into the Practice You Want

Scale Your
Business Model

Future-Proof Your Practice:
Create a Minimum Viable Service

I am happy to discuss how these subjects, or your proposed practice building topics, can be tailored to your event.

If you are looking for a professional who imparts this kind of information with this kind of perspective with this kind of impact, then consider me to speak at your next conference.


Turn The Practice You Have
Into The Practice You Want!™

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